Robin Cowie

Coors Light Chillboards

Helo helps people chill!

Globally, 2021 was ranked the fifth warmest year on record since 1880.* Heat waves are more frequent, and in Miami, there have been more 90-degree days than ever before. Air conditioners are humming non-stop, utility bills are skyrocketing, and overall, we’re just hotter. Coors Light is debuting “Chillboards,” rooftop billboard installations proven to cool buildings down.

HELO Signs 5 Pound Pixel NFT Studio to Talent Roster

Creative production company HELO has signed full-service NFT studio 5 Pound Pixel to its roster of skilled artisans. Led by veteran digital artists and long-time creative collaborators Kyle Ruddick and Robert Brown, 5 Pound Pixel joins HELO on a mission to help brands leverage aesthetically beautiful and technologically innovative NFTs to drive storytelling, experiences, and engagement with target audiences.