Craig Winslow Brings Large-Scale Artwork to Life

Epson empowers creative minds to transform any space or object into a work of interactive art. To demonstrate the possibilities they recently engaged creator Craig Winslow and artist Allison “Hueman” Torneros to create the immersive art experience, “Homebody.”

Spanning over 20,000 square feet, “Homebody” explores themes of identity within the self and the larger community
through original murals, portraits and sculptures displayed through projection mapping and augmented reality.
Hueman collaborated with projection designer Craig Winslow to create the immersive experience being hosted at Ciel Creative Space in Berkeley, Calif. from Jan. 28 to Feb. 20, 2022.

Epson’s 3LCD laser projection solutions allow artists and designers to push the boundaries of digital and physical. Enabling artists to focus on storytelling and creation, Epson’s breadth of products offer state-of-the-art technology, durability and true to life color output that seamlessly merge art with technology – transforming venues from being seen, to experiences that are remembered. For “Homebody,” Hueman used Epson LightScene® and Pro Series projectors in three installations to add dynamic projection mapping for a full 360-experience of the artwork.


There are three installations in Homebody:

Isolation –
Aiming to explore the relationship between bodies and identities – and the way both evolve in relation to devices – veils of fabric hang scattered across the space are brought to life by projection-mapped animation.


Collaboration –
Exploring the ingenious ways communities have been able to connect with each other remotely, this collaborative animation engulfs the space in projection mapped magic, exploring the transformation of human identity through time, from ancient statues to AI-created human faces.

Chrysalis –
Representing positive change with time passing, a sculpture of a large bust with an inverted face sits in the middle of a space, surrounded by a hanging curtain of organza. With projection mapping enhancing cloud murals on the walls, guests will experience a sunrise to sunset experience as they feel a sense of peace and rebirth.