Set Free, the cultural conduit!

HELO is proud to announce a partnership with cultural conduit, director, creator, philanthropist, host and personality, Set Free Richardson. Born in the Bronx and raised in Philadelphia, Free is known for implementing his experiences with urban culture into breakthrough ideas from creating the AND1 Mixtapes to experiences for brands like Nike, ESPN, and EA Sports.

The mastermind behind Compound, a creative entity where art, music, fashion, sports, and charity are fused. The Compound serves as an adult playground for work, curated events, and meetings of the minds, where various artistic people, by the likes of Chris Rock and Kevin Durant, come together to sharpen each other and give life to imagination.

Featured in national magazines, such as The New York Times, Slam Magazine, Adweek, USA Today, and Huffington Post to name a few, Set Free, the Creative Jedi and Compound has become known as a cultural nerve center tapping into big name sports figures, musicians, and artists on a daily basis.

Free’s mission is to use visual communication to influence, entertain, inform and enlighten observing audiences. He inspires athletes, artists, musicians, and many others to use their platforms to awaken and motivate their community, activate critical dialogue, and initiate innovation for cultural influence. Helo is thrilled to support his vision.