HELO reinvents the annual investor conference for Deloitte Digital and Anthem.

By showcasing Anthem in a way that brought their digital transformation to life, Deloitte and HELO drove $2B in value for Anthem during their Investor Relations Day in March 2021.

The Coronavirus pandemic re-prioritized many aspects of life as we know it. From how we parent, how we do business and how we approach health care. Our client, a Fortune 30 Healthcare company, needed to share its vision of the future with investors amidst a time of social distancing and safety protocols, so holding an in-person conference as they usually would, was not an option. HELO and Deloitte teamed up to provide an experience that seamlessly connected their story of transformation with the stories of the people they ultimately serve.

Knowing that a cohesive visual language is integral to effectively showcasing a brand’s message, HELO built a graphic and physical world for the conference to inhabit, from the graphs and photos on screen, to the stage we shot on, to the camera angles and moves. The overall effect was one of progress and empathy.

HELO also created eight different videos showing the human impact of the business information being delivered on-stage; capturing stories of patients, providers, partners, and ultimately the human impact of their massive transformation. The presentations and videos were delivered via live-stream that also allowed for interaction between viewers and panelists.