Lola Tango’s with HELO

Lola Tango literally wrote the book on immersive storytelling. Both Eve Weston and Jessica Kantor are award-winning XR directors recognized for their pioneering work. These two have brought their innovative thinking to brands such as Google, Oculus, Miller Lite, YouTube, AwesomenessTV and ABC/Disney. And now they are joining the talented team of creative technologists at HELO.

Lola Tango’s superpower is knowing the best way to present media on any given platform. They have a great instinct for how to use place and space. Storytelling has changed dramatically. Characters today extend beyond a single medium, stepping off the screen or stage, and into social media, video games, virtual beings and interactive landscapes like VR & AR.

Lola Tango have spoken and/or taught at nearly all the top US-film schools and presented and premiered at top industry conferences, including AWE, Tribeca Film Festival, Edinburgh DigiFest. Arles Arts, and SIGGRAPH

In a world where tech is often made for tech’s sake, Eve and Jessica stand out as creative, visual thinkers first with the tech chops to deliver stunning experiences. They’ve dreamt up a range of experimental arts-based immersive thru VR and AR projects for some of the world’s biggest brands. HELO is thrilled to represent their work and can’t wait to experience what they come up with next.